1. Read the Handbook

You can also find the handbook on the Resources page and as a link in the Team App during the season.  If you have questions at any time, reach out to us through email or use the Contact link on the website.  

2. Complete the Athlete Information Form 

Fill out our Athlete Information Form for each athlete by clicking on the button below.

3. Athlete Assessment / Placement Session

Email us to get your athlete assessed by a coach and find out the best fit for them!  

4. Complete Our Amilia Registration

After you receive your athlete’s placement email and follow the instructions, you will be sent information on registering your athlete.  Click on the button below to be transported to our club’s Amilia registration portal.  We look forward to having you join us!

5. Download the Team App

This is the app we use for communication at our club.  Please download it – we will send you further instructions on how to find our club and teams!

We can’t wait to watch you soar with us in Season 6!

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