Frequently Asked Questions

Explore some of our frequently asked questions to give you more insight into our program.

I have no cheer or tumbling experience. Can I still be on a competitive team?

In most cases, yes. All athletes will be placed on either an all-star or all-star prep team. If an athlete requires additional time to work on their skills, some athletes may be recommended for a pre-competitive or recreational program. 

I cannot attend placement/try-outs. What can I do to get on a team?

Please contact us by sending an email to to arrange for a private assessment.

My age fits into a younger division but I want to be on an older team because that's where most of my friends are. Can I be on the older team?

We strive to have well balanced teams in regards to both age and ability. If there is a team for your skills at your age division you will not be moved to the next division unless the coaches determine that a specific spot needs to be filled. Athletes should experience what it is like to be the youngest and the oldest on a team for a well-rounded athletic experience. 

Why is there summer training for all-star teams?

Taking the entire summer off has a negative impact on athletes’ skills especially at the higher levels. Tumbling skills that are not practiced on a regular basis are often “lost” and skill level regresses. Summer is also an important time to build new skills and bond with your team. Summer training is once per week and will include conditioning and tumbling drills.

I am not able to come to any summer practices. Can I still be on a competitive team?

Summer training is important as it is a time to build skills and bond as a team. We understand that families will take vacations but encourage athletes to be at the majority of practices. If you cannot attend summer practices you must notify us at placements or tryouts.

Why do we have to do fundraising?

Fundraising at Weyburn Gymnastics Club/Airbourne Cheer Athletics is MANDATORY for all athletes using the facility. As a Not For Profit organization, our club relies on Fundraising efforts to keep class fees low for our athletes. The club organizes a club-wide fundraiser either once per session or once per year (depends on the nature of the fundraiser). Other fundraisers are done throughout the season to help families offset their costs as well as help supplement our training (uniforms, practice gear, skills camps and clinics, equipment purchases, etc.).

What is the attendance policy?

Attendance at all practices is mandatory. We know that illnesses happen and things do come up; however, cheer is a team sport and missing one person affects everyone’s ability to practice effectively. Unavoidable absences MUST be communicated by a parent to the athlete’s coach as soon as possible to give coaches time to re-arrange practice plans. Athletes who miss more than three practices in one month may be moved out of stunt positions for safety reasons.

PLEASE NOTE:  Due to the uncertainty of COVID-19, any athletes experiencing symptoms related to the virus will be asked to follow current health directives and sport protocols and are exempted from the above attendance policy.  

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